Focus: Artist Interview



1. Why did you choose photography as your medium? 

For the first 4 years in education studying photography, I actually really hated the technical side of photography, I just couldn't get my head around it all but I loved what a photograph could tell you/not tell you. I tried art in GCSE and I just did not feel I was creative enough to create what I wanted too but it was different with photography (once I got the hang of the settings) and now I love it!


2. How do you choose the subject of your photograph?

I normally know the kind of look I want to photograph, so I'll just look for that. It's usually if someone/something captures my attention. 


3. What is your creative process/routine like?

Usually I struggle to find ideas for the first few days, then I'll cry in frustration, then something will usually come to me in the shower or something. Then once I've got an idea, you can't stop me! I feel like i'm very conceptual with my ideas, I find it easier if things have a meaning behind them rather than taking images for the sake of taking images.


4. What is challenging about photography?

Getting yourself out there, getting known and having your own unique style. Anyone can take a good photograph these days, especially with our evergrowing technology. You're competing with everyone!


5. Where do you see your style heading in the future?

I'm not sure, I started of with digital black and white photography, and a few years later I'm really into my colour 35mm film. I would love to know where I end up, however I do know I am looking to start trying more editorial/fashion based images!


6.Tell me about "Unladylike" 

'Unladylike' started when one time my mum told me to act more ladylike. I started to question what ladylike even meant. This was when feminism started to become very apparent on social media and I decided to look more into what was expected of women, not just now but also in the past. I found it extremely interesting so that fueled my motivation to make images. I wanted to subtly photograph things that i've experienced people be prejudice towards in the past, from body hair to posture. 


7. What effect do you think "Unladylike" has on the viewer and what do you hope it will achieve? 

I wanted to create a reaction, negative or positive, I don't mind as long as it got the viewer thinking. I'd ideally hope the viewer would question their own personal relationship on their expections with women, I also thought about doing the opposite and doing a male version. As I am well aware of the expections towards men, but maybe thats a project for the future.

Instagram: gracebristo


Interview by Dominique Mitchell (Writer in Residence)