International Postcard Show: Artist Interview



Introduce yourself and your art.

My name is James Sutton and this is my postcard 'Marble Black & White'.


Where/How did you develop the idea for your postcard?

I've been working on marbling techniques throughout 2016, in my flat where I make space for my art. This was done through numerous types of inks and paper, along with some digital cleaning up for the final outcomes.


What was your intention for your postcard?

The intention I guess is to look, difficult perhaps because of it's size. With marbling I always had the intention for viewers to look at the works and find shapes and ideas within them for themselves.


What was it about the subject/content of your postcard that enticed you?

Marbling has interested me for a while now, with the intricate details and experimental fragility it offers when you implement it. The idea of unknowing how the end piece will look always enticed me along with the details you find in the small spaces with marbling. Like worlds within worlds you can look at pieces again and again to find new parts that hold your eye.


What artists inspire you?

Artists that I look at a lot include Rene Almanza, Doze Green and Dave Kinsey to name some contemporary artists that I have come to follow much more lately. I follow things like Juxtapoz on Instagram along with more generic art forums that always show new and inspiring works. There's so much art out there on display nowadays with Instagram, Pinterest etc that show daily amazing things it's sometimes overwhelming, but always inspiring.


Do you have a creative routine/pattern?

My work has altered a lot as I look to create new ideas and expand in styles. It usually comes from drawing or painting stuff continuously, having breaks from work always brings new ideas and practises to the front. I wouldn't be sure on patterns but routines fall into researching ideas and talking to others, thankfully my local in Lincoln has a group of creative individuals that work and drink in there. When I create it's in my lounge with a dedicated area where I have music constantly on. Instrumental musical works that let you flow with creativity and don't distract.

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Interview by Dominique Mitchell (Writer in Residence)

Marble black and white

Marble black and white