Re:Surface : Interview with the Artist



What medium do you primarily work with and how did you get into it?

I work with all different types of yarn, alpaca, wool, cotton, acrylic - I like to experiment to see how the material affects the finished product in terms of density, fluidity, colour, size and texture. I constantly switch back and forth between crochet and knitting. It depends on what I am creating whether I crochet it or whether I knit it. 

I've always wanted to create but I was useless at drawing and painting - the traditional arts -and then during my second year I picked up a crochet hook sat in front of youtube and voila. I realised that I could express my creativity through the medium of yarn and I have never looked back.   

What will you be exhibiting at Re:Surface?

I am exhibiting two pieces in Re:Surface. One is an experimental crochet canvas adorned with brightly coloured flowers and quirky shapes. The other is a tubular knitted scarf that features patterns that I've used from around the internet and ones that I have designed myself. I started knitting this scarf in November 2015 whilst I was travelling in Romania. I wanted something to keep me busy on long coach rides or nights in at the hostel. I knitted throughout Romania, Bratislava, Vienna, Germany and Amsterdam and I'm still knitting it today. I don't think I want to finish. Ill just keep adding to it year after year letting it grow row by knitted row.  

What inspires you to create? 

I'm inspired by everything and anything - by colours in a sunset,  a conversation with a friend, a piece of art, an instagram post, a story. I'll note it down for future use. Sometimes I'm simply inspired by an emptiness that I want to fill, a space on my wall or a product that doesn't exist. Then I like to spend time sketching and designing to see how I could create something to fill that space.


What do you see for you in the future?

Over the next year I'm looking to develop myself and my work further by creating more pieces, functional and artistic. Developing my crochet and knitting skills by learning new and more complex techniques. I'd like to begin to work on larger 3D pieces and some items of clothing.

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Photo Credit: Sam Lindley

Photo Credit: Sam Lindley