Bringing High Wycombe to Nottingham

While we hold a number of annual events at Surface Gallery, “At The First Clash” is one of our hire shows. We chose this show from a number of proposals for its originality, and the artists’ inspired use of space, form and colour, bringing a fresh new aesthetic to our Gallery.

“At The First Clash” welcomes Alex Dewart, Lindall Pearce and Marion Piper from High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, to Surface Gallery for their first exhibition in Nottingham. These three artists haven’t shown together as a group before and this exhibition gives them a platform to interrogate their work within a new context.

Dewart works with printed cotton and oil paints to manipulate the boundaries between two and three dimension...this is paired alongside Piper’s handling of surface and tone, which is drawn together by Pearce’s use of colour and direction of light. The exhibition has been carefully curated to lead the viewer around the space, framing all of the artists’ work from different angles, creating a number of different perspectives to view the work as a collection, and the space it inhabits.

It is a great pleasure for Surface Gallery to host these three diverse artists for such an exciting show, where they draw links and embrace their unique styles, coming together to find a common ground. It’s really exciting for us to work with artists in this way, with an objective for discovery, using the perimeter of the exhibition as a tool for this.

Their exhibition is accompanied by an illustrated essay, by Maggie Grey, who examines their practices, highlighted the artists’ influences and giving us a much more in depth view of the artists themselves.

We love how this show plays with structure and freedom and the pull between the artists and their individual processes, and we this works fantastically within our space and the context of how we work here at Surface.

The show is open until 12th July so don’t miss out. 

At The First Clash opening

At The First Clash opening