Leftovers: Artist Interview - Gabriela Halszka Rogula

I’m Nottingham based artist, graduate from University of Derby.

I like to experiment with different techniques and materials such as drawing, painting,  sculpture photography, moving image and often combine them together. 

I take my inspiration from various streams, some from advertising, pop culture, the surrealist movement and personal experiences. My work is often if not directly political, then at least community driven.

My favourite artists: Krzysztof Wodiczko, Louise Bourgeois, Jenny Holzer and Rafael Lozano- Hemmer.

 About the work for this exhibition:

Work titled: Sexy boy

Work consist 8

 (10cm x 10cm)acrylic paintings on canvas.

The “Sexy boy” project is a product of a desire to create a balance in contemporary culture where lts predominantly female bodies that are exploited and subjected to constant objectivization.

The whole point of the work is to provoke discussion and hopefully encourage more artists to produce more images of male nudes, -there may occur accusations of hypocrisy, - but sometimes the only way is to fight fire is with fire.