Leftovers: Artist interviews x2!

Charlie Astill

What does this exhibtion signify to you? 

Leftovers signifies to me an ending of my final collection of work that I have achieved over the last 5to6 years starting from my college work, my university work, and my personal work. It's nice to see it all come together!

What do you like about your work? 

I've never really liked my work that I have always produced.. never felt confident that it was good enough.. Could say I've never been satisfied I guess. 

I like the fact that my work has developed into pieces that would be ideally for the home environment as a decorative piece or a functional piece, something that is just useful to have but a little edgy. 

What do you hope people who come to see your art will learn or feel? 

That it captures there attention immediately soon as they step into the gallery, but also makes them feel good around it. 

Where do you see your self heading in the future? 

I think the future is exciting for me as I am no longer going to be creating within the art field but hope to be using the skills and the creative fleek into something new and something a little different. 

Instagram: charlielbastill



Zory Rubel


What does this exhibition signify to you?
For me, as well as the chance to test some new pieces, the exhibition is a  way of showing what the Surface volunteers get up to outside of the gallery. Unusual as it might sound, not everyone's artwork or creativity is shared that often between us, so I think it's lovely to perhaps see another side to everyone. 

What is your creative process/routine like?
It's essentially a lot of collecting/hoarding of any images that interest me, which eventually get sorted through and paired up with anything that might be thought provoking, or strange or even amusing. 

What is your chosen media/medium?

I tend to work with collage because there's so much possibility. Because I usually leave them to be ambiguous, I find it's a bit more forgiving than painting (for example) because it can be done really quickly and sparsely.