Leftovers: Artist Interview - DISPLACED/REPLACED

What does this exhibition signify to you?

A culmination of a great year at Surface Gallery, where various creative minds come together to offer a new vision of work in a co-operative gallery.

How do you work, methodically or manically?

Neither. Generally it is instinctive.

What other work inspires you?

The main motivations behind my work derive from struggles for justice and peace throughout the world. In terms of other work, it has less to do with other artists. Justin Pearson’s ethos and work ethic continually inspires, as does DIY culture in general; the work of George Monbiot assists in addressing a vision for a new and better future; those who fight for animal rights and environmental rights especially during this age of mistrust and uncertainty; several street artists; the philosophies behind the Situationist International; my friends and especially my partner.

Is being an artist in Nottingham a good place to be?

Pretty hard to address this as I don’t consider myself to be an artist in the traditional sense. However Nottingham is a great place to live, one which has a history of rebellion and resistance. The changes that are occurring in the city are in the main positive, with the rise in independent places, however there is always the possibility of the ugly side of gentrification seeping in.

What is your creative process/routine like?

Research, read, repeat.

Where do you see your style heading in the future?

Who can predict the future? It’s about the present.

Where/how did you develop the idea for your piece(s)?

By talking, reading and looking.

What is your chosen media/medium?

Digital photomontage with glitch.

What subjects/themes do you explore with your work and how did that come about?

The obscenities of neo-liberalism, instances of injustice, the arms trade, the militarisation of society, the surveillance society, acts of resistance, the Anthropocene era, environmental damage, and the displacement of individuals both human and animal. The desire to un-ftw.

What do you hope people who come to see your art will learn or feel?

They can take whatever they want from it, it’s not my position to assume that a viewer will take something specific from it. 

Website: www.displacedreplaced.com

Instagram: www.instagram.com/displaced_replaced/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/displacedreplaced/

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