International Postcard Show: Artist Interview



Introduce yourself and your art.

I live in Northern NSW in Australia. Printmaking is my main interest at present, both intaglio and relief.


Where/How did you develop the idea for your postcard?

There are still many mangroves where I live.  They are dark and mysterious and full of marine creatures but further north there may even be crocodiles.  

What was your intention for your postcard?

I want to evoke a feeling of subtle threat and attraction of the mangroves.


Does your postcard have any connection to today’s world?

Because of the continued coastal development mangroves are disappearing.  As well as being interesting they are also very important places for the birth and development of many species of fish.

Which artists inspire you?

Egon Schiele, Klimt, Kentridge, Munakata, Hokusai


What research do you do for your art works?

I walk through the area and take numerous photos as well as sketches. I study some of the techniques used by master printers.


nterview by Dominique Mitchell (Writer in Residence)