International Postcard Show: Artist Interview



Introduce yourself and your art.

Hello, my name is Dawn and I am a still life painter living in London. My work investigates still life objects often re-painting the same object in order to learn how to visually describe them in, what I hope is, an interesting and engaging way for the viewer.


Where/How did you develop the idea for your postcard?

I have become a bit obsessed with painting oranges and other fruits at the moment so this orange painting is one of many. I find painting this small size really challenging which is one of the things that attracted me to entering some work into this exhibition.


What was it about the subject/content of your postcard that enticed you?

If you look really closely oranges are not very orange.


What artists inspire you?

I have always loved impressionist painters and feel very lucky to be able to live in here and be able to visit the National Gallery often to view some incredible impressionist pieces.


Do you have a creative routine/pattern?

Overthinking, then wine and then there is a point where you just have to get on with the painting!

Instagram: @dawnuart


Interview by Dominique Mitchell (Writer in Residence)