Re:Surface : Interview with the Artist

Artist: Phoebe Joy


What inspires you to create and does your work reflect this?

Whilst at university I came across the Blaschka's, a nineteenth century father and son duo who created replicas of flowers and sea creatures using glass. I was particularly taken by the models of microscopic sea creatures which are intricately detailed. Although I don't aim to create any particular specimen in particular, I create pieces that have a lot of fine and decorative detail in them.


How do you work/create?

I use a propane and oxygen torch flame to melt glass rods which I then apply to a glass or metal rod to create my designs. Each individual dot of glass has to be applied one at a time making every piece unique.


What do you like about your work?

Lampworking is a very relaxing craft, as you have to focus only on the twirling glass in front of you.


A few words about your piece at Re:Surface.

Some of my most delicate work, samples of microscopic sea creatures taken from larger models and framed to be displayed like museum artefacts.

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Facebook page: phoebe joy-lampwork glass maker

Instagram: phoebe_joy_lampwork

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photo: Sam Lindley

photo: Sam Lindley