EM15: East Midlands Graduate Project

Interview with Hannah and Craig

M:  Have you started making yet?

C: I’ve made a few new heads. I want to get a few ready before I start doing the process on them. If I get them all together, then it doesn’t take long when I start adding the papier maché and painting them. Like a production line. And I’ve been drawing things up to see what the final thing is going to look like.

M: How has it been, moving in?

C: It’s been nice to get back in somewhere again. Leaving uni and not having a space to work in. Even when you’re not working, you can be sitting around and think, I can do something now.

H: I’ve not had this sort of brain-space for a while and I’ve just done five pages in my notebook already.I want to just go. It’s been up there, waiting. And now I’m doing a little test. So I’m getting stuck in.

M: Have you worked with fabric/material before?

H: Yes. Briefly at the end of my degree show I was using felt. Now I’m thinking about other soft materials that can be used. They sort of mould and morph. I can give them a structure but they are still always going to change. I’m experimenting. I’m thinking of filling them with lentils. I’m vegetarian, so I’ve got loads of them.

C: You could use chickpeas.

H: Aren’t they a bit squishy?

C: No, the dried ones, not the ones in a tin.

H: Haha! Did you know that the liquid in tinned chickpeas can be whipped to make vegan meringues. Just add sugar …

H: I feel at home here. It feels good.