EM15: Billy Hawes

Walking around its difficult not to notice the equipment waiting to be used. Not paintbrushes or pallet knives but an array of saws and hammers litter the floor. A camping stove and power drill sit alongside glass jars and household kitchen appliances. These are the unconventional tools of today’s artist.

The space has been a meeting point. A starting point. A place to create something new. And a place to develop something we made earlier.

But there is only a few days left now. The mad scramble to the finish line begins. Our 4 weeks are nearly up.

During that time photographs have been fragmented and food has been shared. Machines have been constructed and objects have been created. Frames have been broken and paintings have been anything but painted. Imagined histories have been retold.

Nature has even been made by man.

And so we must begin the inevitable tidy up. The clearing of the space as we migrate to a new home. We must now construct the exhibition of the unconventional. But how does one curate an unconventional exhibition?