The International Postcard Show 2015

We were delighted to receive a grand total of 303 original and unique entries this year. Beating the last two years submissions records, Surface has presented what has been one of our favourite Postcard Shows so far.

Promoting the call out to all people, locations and walks of life, we received a huge variety of subject matters, mediums and styles; this year, curated into groups:

Carolyn Roberts

Carolyn Roberts

One of our most popular sections taking up the most space in the gallery this year has been Painting. We unwrapped treasures of landscapes, city scapes, abstracts and full-on colour 4x6's. From the melting blue seas by Carolyn Roberts, Loughborough, to the reinterpreted Star Wars characters by Karen Thomas, France, and the far away Industrial scapes by Rosa Quintana Lillo, Canada - we filled the gallery walls with every variation of the medium possible.

Following this as another of the fullest category's was Collage. A craft lending itself to every kind of artist, we have loved everything from the technical precision of Pippa Lynott's birds, to the sweetest of beach houses by Yasmin Braithwaite. Both from Leicester. 

Holly Jamea

Holly Jamea

Next along the Gallery walls is Illustration. We marveled at the simplicity and elegance of ideas - the 'Tangerine Cup' by Kathy Hutton, Wiltshire, complimented so well the vibrant colours of Paul Moran's Rocket Ship, flown from Derbyshire. And of course, we were more than welcoming to the beautiful cat from our former Exhibitions Coordinator, Holly James, Nottingham.

Daniel Bamford

Daniel Bamford


Alongside this were the Digital Arts entries. Creativity has been show in a new form to some of our visitors, through entries such as Daniel Bamford's witty 'one new msg', from Huddersfield, and the intensive design of Maria Demichele's 'The Seventh Continent' from Nottingham.

One of the most popular subject forms shown at Surface Gallery is Photography, and we weren't disappointed with the lens based entries for this show. We received an array of different narratives in this section, from the gloomy Mickey Mouse character in 'Mickey Exposed' by Ann-Marie Salmon, London, the real life stills from Amy Huggett, Birmingham, to a testament to the classic seaside 'wish you were here' by Diane Waby, Nottingham.

Split loosely from Illustration, we had Drawing. Some in its rawest form, like Kerry Dawn Wint-McKane's 'Ants on a Branch' drawn in pen, to the excellent pencil detail in Mila Gno's portraits sent from Italy , to the political imagery of David Bishop's 'FCUKIP', from Notts. 

Finally, and ironically the smallest category, Text. One our favourites being the wise words of Peter Wilkes, Nottingham, with 'The dangers of smoking' and 'Places to hide a pork pie'.

With this, Surface have teamed up with local artists and companies this year, to reward as many talented artists, students, adults, children, painters, illustrators, makers as possible. We are delighted to reveal now in the last week of the Exhibition, the Winners and Runners Up as follows:

We've said it before, but we'll sat it again. Thank-you so much for every single person who contributed to this years Postcard Show, through submitting their excellent work, buying a Postcard, attending the launch or exhibition or even just  supporting us on social media. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the International Postcard Show 2016!


Written by Megan Bonser