Surface's Caribbean Open Exhibition comes to an end

With our Caribbean Open exhibition coming to an end this Saturday, we thought it was time to do a review...of ourselves!

Surface Gallery opened its doors to a clash of culture and colour and embraced all forms of Caribbean-themed art in an exhibition this month, in conjuntion with Nottingham's Caribbean Carnival. Through open submissions, we received an amazing, eclectic mix of styles; from heartwarming story-telling installations, to beautiful colour-filled paintings.

With the help of these local artists, we have facilitated a dialogue about race, heritage and immigration, and the idea of the Caribbean in our collective cultural consciousness - some pieces have included "Dreams of home", "St Maarten", "Ladies on Parade", "Lim of Judah" and "We'll share a shelter" - all emotive insights into what 'Caribbean' really means. 

Some of the pieces features in the Caribbean Open

Some of the pieces features in the Caribbean Open

Along with this, Mimm Collective have showcased their creative talent, and have kindly donated several original Jamaican artworks for display alongside the other submissions, adding a traditional mix to some of the more Contemporary and mixed media submissions.

We also unveiled a masterpiece outside that we just about kept under wraps...Notts Property 3, Nottingham’s largest ever graffiti mural, was created by over twenty-five street artists, in response to the Caribbean theme. Some artists added a tropical twist to their colour palette, while others use popular cultural references including Pirates of the Caribbean, or traditional folk tales like the Anansi stories. ColouredSouls have procuded a great video of the hidden-creation so you can finally see how it was done...

Their mural is now a permanent fixture for Surface - we're definitely not ready to let go of our fun side yet!

With a successful mixture of multifaceted submissions, Caribbean music, food (and rum of course), we really bought the community together on Launch night - which is exactly what we aim to do here at Surface. It also gave each an every artist exhibited a great platform for showcasing their work in an environment that fitted just right. We had an amazing response to the work and the theme, with our host Rastarella Falade, giving us great support, and welcoming new connections to the Surface family. And all, of course with the help of our volunteers, studio artists and exhibition coordinator Holly James. 


We've loved having such a burst of vibrancy in the Gallery, and there's still time left to catch the exhibition, ending 30th August. And of course, check out our future events and calls for submissions!

TUESDAY TO FRIDAY 1200 - 1800, SATURDAY 1100 - 1700 :-)


Written by Megan Bonser and Holly James, Film by ColouredSouls.