A quick chat with...Rastarella Falade, host of our Caribbean Open

Surface is a really cool gallery
— Rastarella...and shes not wrong!

Rastarella of Cultural Vibrations presents Surface Gallery’s inaugural Caribbean Open. Starting this Friday (15th August), our friend and host for the opening night discusses Art, Nottingham and of course our colourful Caribbean theme...

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The exhibition will coincide with the Nottingham Caribbean Carnival, taking place across the city on Sunday 17th August. Surface Gallery will provide a platform to celebrate different kinds of creative and cultural expression, bringing the local community together with Caribbean music, art and food...all under our lovely Surface roof!

The Caribbean Open will facilitate dialogue about race, heritage and immigration, and the idea of the Caribbean in our collective cultural consciousness. Mimm Collective are once again showcasing their creative talent, and are kindly donating several original Jamaican artworks for display alongside the other submissions.

We are also hosting Notts Property 3; Nottingham’s largest ever graffiti mural, which will be unveiled at the launch party. Over twenty-five street artists have come together to respond to the Caribbean theme in whichever wacky way they like! Some artists have added a tropical twist to their colour palette, while others use popular cultural references including Pirates of the Caribbean, or traditional folk tales like the Anansi stories...its done more than brighten up the place!

Caribbean Open: Explore and Embrace Caribbean Culture     

Caribbean Open: Explore and Embrace Caribbean Culture


Local illustrator, Street Art Open 2014 winner, and former Team GB Speed Skater Ian Upcott has been commissioned to create a commemorative artwork for the Caribbean Open. The commission has been successfully crowd-funded using Kickstarter, and will be proudly displayed as part of the exhibition.

So visit us and the Caribbean Open exhibition for a clash of colour, creativity and culture between 16th and 30th August. The launch party is a free event, happening on Friday 15th August, 6pm until 9pm...for a BBQ, DJ...and even our  bar tending skills will be out in force with some homemade rum punch!

In the meantime...check out out Tumblr and Instagram @surfacegallery for some sneak peeks!

SATURDAY 1100 - 1700


Written by Megan Bonser and Holly James. Filmed by Giulia Carbonaro.