Have you seen our Loo....vre?

Surface Gallery's more, erm, 'intimate' gallery space...

We love making Surface as individual and unique as we can. So, in edition to our ever-changing and diverse gallery space, we have a delightful, all be it, small, second gallery space - Le Loovre!

Olalekan Falade

Olalekan Falade

As you can guess from the name, and the hysterical play on words, this gallery space is in fact our lovely loo! With each exhibition change, we invite one of our studio artists to inhabit the space in conjunction with it.

This month we see 'Wealth in Dump' by studio artist Olalekan Falade, running alongside our Caribbean Open exhibition in the main gallery. This is Olalekan's first solo exhibition in the first floor bathroom; Wealth in Dump will present works on the theme of international relations, "We used to be number one... now we are the last. Authority stealing is the order of the day. We all need to stand firm and fight this corruption".

So, next time you give us a visit here at Surface, don't forget to have a look in our loo! You might even spot a few of our studio dwellers up on the first floor too!


Olalekan's work will be on display alongside the Caribbean Open in the main Gallery space, until 30th August. And don't forget to visit our what's on page for future events!


Written by Megan Bonser