Postcard Inspiration - Picks from ''

Need some inspiration for your International Postcard Show entry this year? We've hand-picked some lovely postcard themed artwork from one of our favourite websites,!

We're 'jealous' of......

Left to right: Daniel Lachenmeier, Daniel Lachenmeier, Lehel Kovács, Marion Täschler, Shaun Kardinal, Shaun Kardinal, Shauna Alterio and Stephen Loidolt, Tali Yalonetzki. All here.

We're loving the mixture of crafts with paint, collage, stitch, illustration. As well as the different themes and texture;

Shauna Alterio and Stephen Loidolt - Forage…"Hand-made bow ties, in a range of styles and sorbet-esque colours. I’m jealous of this idea, I’m jealous that they get to hunt around for beautiful fabrics, and I’m jealous of the final product… but I have to say, it’s their hand-printed promo postcards {complete with teeny-tiny little bow ties}, that have pushed the designer in me over the edge!" Swiss illustrator/designer Daniel Lachenmeier's work "makes me feel like I feel like I could just sit quietly and look at if for a really, really, really long time...Maybe it’s the muted palette, or my love of suburban houses?" - TJC. Our favourites are the hand-drawn bicycles by by Berlin-based, Swiss artist Marion Täschler.

This eclectic mixture of ideas is exactly what we're looking for this years Postcard Show. We're open to entries of any style, theme and medium, from anyone, anywhere - as long as they are postcard sized 4x6"! So, go nuts! As long as the work is original and your own, its guaranteed to be shown in the month long exhibition here at Surface.

You can show us how you're getting on by tweeting us your ideas to @surfacegallery! Or tagging us over on Instagram. And, stay tuned for some postcard-themed prizes being announced for the exhibition winners!


Find out more and print and application form here!
Deadline for submissions: 10th January. Exhibition opens 16th.



Written by Megan Bonser