The Gallery

Surface Gallery is the local, volunteer-led, Contemporary Art gallery of Nottingham.

We operate as a social enterprise celebrating and supporting the talent in our city, with a focus on engaging our immediate community and broadening participation in the arts. We are led by a co-operative team of early-career professionals, who support each other in order to learn more about running a successful independent art gallery.

Located within Nottingham’s burgeoning Creative Quarter, Surface Gallery’s three-story building welcomes visitors and exhibitors to its two gallery spaces, nine artist studios and open plan office area.

Surface Gallery by  Richard Dundas

Surface Gallery by Richard Dundas


Surface Gallery was founded in 1999 by a group of Nottingham Trent University graduates under the name of Turtle Arts. The independent art gallery was housed in the NVAC building on Mansfield Road, Nottingham. 

In September 2002 Turtle Arts changed its name to Surface Gallery and in November 2008, Surface Gallery moved to its new and current location on Southwell Road in Nottingham’s Creative Quarter.

our Spaces

Main gallery

This is the main exhibition space, and is situated on the ground floor. It is the space that everyone walks through our front door into. It has a grey painted floor, white painted wall and a high ceiling with a lighting rig. 



Project space

This is the secondary exhibition space, and is on our top floor with a large skylight in the center. and white walls. It is slightly larger than the Gallery Space, though the ceiling is lower. 



This is our alternative art space in the first floor bathroom. It is most often used as an exhibition space by our resident studio artists. 


The alleyway to the rear of Surface Gallery is home to our large street art mural, which is painted for our annual Street Art Festival in the summer.