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Weekends and Everything In Between

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Weekends & Everything in Between:
A Solo Exhibition by Tom Quigley
2nd March – 9th March
Opening Night: Friday 1st March, 6pm-8pm

Surface Gallery presents Tom Quigley’s Weekends & Everything in Between, a local photographic exhibition documenting the intimate (mis)adventures of the UK skate scene. A follow-up to his 2014 and 2015 shows, this exhibition evokes the subculture of Nottingham’s skate scene and the effect that skateboarding has on unifying those that love it.

From within the community he resides, he is able to candidly capture both the great moments and the seemingly insignificant moments alike; a privilege afforded to him by his friendship and familiarity with his subjects. Like some of the best series documenting subcultures, it was shot from within. Documenting the ordinary everyday may not show its significance immediately, but Quigley’s continuous body of work shot on film is an ever-expanding record of an era that will one day be fondly looked back on. 

Quigley is a firm advocate of making things happen, and creating what one wishes to see. Through publishing the national publication Varial Magazine, he has created a format for his and other photographers’ work to be seen around the world. Furthermore, in this age of online publishing and instantly forgotten social media posts, the artist still organises public exhibitions of his and others’ photography, to counter the way people often show their work in the 21st century.

Weekends & Everything in Between opens in the Main Gallery. On the night there will be zines on sale from the artist. As always, there will be a donations bar, with a range of ales provided by local brewery, Pheasantry.

Free Entry: Everyone Welcome

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UK Young Artists City Takeover


UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 2019
8th February-13th February
Opening Night: 7th February 2019, 6pm-8pm
Melissa Beardmore / Charlie Birtles / Lorenza Demata / Hannah Fletcher /
Thomas Franzoni / Colette Griffin /  Chaz Howkins / Yewon Lee / HyeJoo Moon / Sabi Nicholson / Demi Overton / Amelia Seren Roberts / Gwenllian Spink / Danni Spooner / Zala Zagoršek

Surface Gallery is excited to welcome UK Young Artists who will deliver an innovative show of contemporary artwork from national and international artists as part of a city-wide event across Nottingham.  

UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 19 will bring together over 250 national and international artists from 25 countries. Organised by national charity UK Young Artists (UKYA) - who champion the next generation of creativity by supporting and developing the careers of artists aged 18-30 - the first UKYA City Takeover will immerse visitors in an array of extraordinary, innovative and contemporary work. Over seven days, 100 events will take place, including exhibitions, installations and performances, animating cultural spaces and unusual places across Nottingham.

At Surface Gallery, 15 artists from the UK Young Artist Takeover will occupy both spaces.  In the Main Gallery, process and routine informs the work of many artists, with a central focus on manipulation and tactility of material. Expect to encounter large-scale sculptural works that defy form and playfully question reality. Gwenllian Spink’s salt dough, foam and acrylic nails-composed Shapeshifter II hangs majestically from the ceiling; whilst Colette Griffin’s Past Her combines powder coated steel and handmade pasta exploring the relationship between industry and the home. In the Project Space, work presented explores identity, gender and its relationship to both private and public spheres. Peer underneath the lids of toilet seats in Chaz Howkins’ Don’t Linger; immerse yourself in glitter and bananas in Danni Spooner’s Pinkjam; and see a snapshot of an LGBT party at a tiny bar in Northern Ireland in Sabi Nicholson’s Hell Hole.

UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 19 will be one of the largest biennial events to be held in the UK with over 100 free performances, exhibitions and participatory events, plus five new public engagement commissions. Full programme of events now live at: UKYA City Takeover: Nottingham 19

UKYA’s Instagram is highlighting an artist from the City Takeover everyday until the opening in February @ukyoungartists

Meet the Artists
Saturday 9th February, 2pm-4pm
Visitors will have the opportunity to drop in and meet the showcasing artists.  

UKYA City Takeover opens in both the Main Gallery and Project Space. As always, there will be a donations bar, with a range of ales provided by local brewery, Pheasantry.

As a National Portfolio Organisation for Arts Council England, the City Takeover is funded and supported by Arts Council England, as well as De Montfort, Nottingham Trent, Derby and Lincoln Universities. The City Takeover is made possible through the support of partners in the city, including Nottingham City Council, Nottingham City Transport and Intu Nottingham.

Free Entry: Everyone Welcome

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Hit List: A Solo Exhibition by Tom Van Herrewege

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Hit List: A Solo Exhibition by Tom Van Herrewege
12th - 26th January
Opening Night: Friday 11th January, 6-9pm

Surface Gallery is pleased to welcome Tom Van Herrewege, and his solo exhibition, Hit List.

Since Spring 2017, Van Herrewege has been working on a large series of works entitled Hit List. Images of endangered animals have been sourced from sets of old cigarette cards and encyclopedia pages, some of these more than one hundred years old. The images have then been partially burnt away, representing the conservation status of each animal on the IUCN list of threatened species. The more the image is burnt away, the closer the individual animal is to extinction. The image is burnt away in order to represent humankind’s impact; we are the only animal that can produce fire. It also serves as a reminder that one day we may not, literally, be able to see these animals.

The majority of animals represented in Van Herrewege’s Hit List are now endangered within their natural habitats. Most of the cigarette cards represent the more popular and better known larger animals. If they were to represent the smaller animals, such as amphibians, marine life, and a huge variety of other species that go unconsidered, then the animal imagery burnt away would be far greater.

Artist Talk and Workshop
Saturday 19th January, 2 - 4pm

As Tom discusses his project, you will be invited to research animal species and their ecological status and you will also have the opportunity to create your own artworks. Tom will be discussing his practice and methods of working and will be happy to help you try this out for yourself. Tablets will be available, although participants are also free to use their smartphones to research various species. All other materials will be provided.

12 places per workshop
To book your place email

Hit List opens in the Project Space in conjunction with the International Postcard Show 2019 in the Main Gallery. As always, there will be a donations bar with ales from local brewery, Pheasantry.

Free Entry: Everyone Welcome

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International Postcard Show 2019

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International Postcard Show 2019
12th January – 2nd February
Opening Night: Friday 11th January 6 - 9pm

Surface Gallery is excited to welcome back the International Postcard Show. This vibrant, long-running exhibition is a highly popular feature of our calendar and includes hundreds of original artworks from established and aspiring artists from all over the world. All submissions are included, from painting and print through to textiles and illustration, creating a wonderfully eclectic mix of artwork.

As Nottingham Post commented: "Surface Gallery's Postcard Show has become a fixed event in Nottingham's exhibition calendar. And if you still haven't been able to get to one, then do your best to see this year's wild and wonderful incarnation .... There is, as the phrase goes, 'something for everyone.'"

All artwork available for sale is priced at just £15, so this is a fantastic opportunity for visitors and aspiring art collectors to snap up an original work of art at an affordable price.

Participating artists will have the opportunity to exchange their postcard with another artist selected at random at the end of the exhibition. We hope that this exchange will help foster new connections and encourage communication among artists from diverse backgrounds and different parts of the world.

A panel of Surface Gallery judges will select three prize winners. The prizes include a £50 first prize, a piece of Keishi Jewellery as second prize, and ‘The Art of Looking Sideways’ book by Alan Fletcher for third prize. The People’s Prize is chosen by our visitors who will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite artwork. The People’s Prize will be an exhibition in the Surface Gallery’s alternative art space, Le Loovre.

This year’s International Postcard Show also features a collaboration with the Nottingham Mental Health Project, a service based in Nottingham aimed at aiding those suffering with mental health issues such as depression. The goal of this collaboration is to share quotes, tips, poems and affirmations with people around the world.  On the final day of the exhibition, we’ll hold a ‘Postcard Takeaway’ for local people to come and take a postcard (that was submitted as a part of this collaboration) away for free. This means that your submission will be donated to someone who’s inspired by your contribution and put to good use!

Deadline for submissions: 6pm, Friday 4th January 2019

Postcard Workshop
Saturday 12th January 2-4pm

To coincide with the opening of the show, we will be offering a multi-disciplinary workshop. Inspired by the array of postcards around them, participants will experiment with creating their own postcards using a variety of art techniques such as printmaking, collage, marbling and more, in a fun and friendly environment. Techniques can be layered over one another to produce a multi-media ‘variety pack’ of postcards to take home. Entry will be donation-based as this is a drop-in session and refreshments will be provided. Children are invited to attend but must be supervised by an adult at all times.

The International Postcard Show will open in the Main Gallery in conjunction with Hit List: A Solo Exhibition by Tom Van Herrewege in the Project Space. As always, there will be a donations bar with ales from local brewery, Pheasantry.

Free Entry: Everyone Welcome

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