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9th April- 16th 2016
Opening Night: Friday 8th April, 18:00-20:00

Surface Gallery presents URL, an exhibition by Staffordshire University Fine Art students, Sidra Fatima and Gracie Lawson.

Who is in control? We belong to a generation where digital ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ give us greater satisfaction than face-to-face relationships. Social media shapes our sense of self, our relationships with others. Fatima and Lawson uncover an underlying dis-ease in the digital generation where social media is used to sculpt and advertise lives.

URL explores the impact of social media: what current issues we prioritise as digital narratives, how it affects relationships, and the importance it holds in our everyday lives. The theme of the exhibition is communicated through large-scale projection, sculpture, print, and modern technologies that aim to give the audience an interactive experience and visual insight into the implication of online communities.

URL will open Friday 8th April at 18:00 in the Main Gallery. As always, there will be a donations bar, with ales from local brewery, Springhead.

Free Entry: All Are Welcome

Opening Hours
Opening Night: Friday 8th April, 6-8pm
Tuesday to Friday: 12:00-18:00
Saturday: 11:00-17:00