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NTU Festival 2016: As If By Magic

1st–5th March & 8th-12th March 2016
Opening nights: 6-8pm Tuesday 1st and Tuesday 8th March

This March sees the return of Surface Gallery's annual collaboration with Nottingham Trent University with the fifth NTU Festival: As If By Magic. Following the success of last year's NTU Festival, Stories in the Dark, this year's selected Fine Art students take their practice into the dark arts with the creation of new work that explores illusion, alchemy, and the mesmerising. Their response to the magical is showcased in four week-long exhibitions.

The NTU Festival offers the selected Fine Art students the opportunity to curate a group exhibition that establishes their practice outside of the university. Surface Gallery provides a supportive and professional environment for the students to plan and show their work. Two exhibitions will run concurrently in each week of the festival.

Week One
Heather Hodkinson & Bella Milroy
Opening Night: 6-8pm, Tuesday 1st March
Exhibition: 1st–5th March, Main Gallery

Reflecting upon ideas of momentary experience, migration and displacement, the artists in “Wayfaring” explore notions of contemporary pilgrimage, distance, materiality and human connection. Entering the gallery, viewers embark on a journey through large-scale installation, sound pieces, ascending and descending steps, to a wishing well. In “Wayfaring”, artworks take on the sense of spiritual ritual found in the magnetism of reliquaries, and the magical qualities of a talisman held in a time of need.

Surface Living
Molly Ashton & Theo Gilmour-Rees
Opening Night:  6-8pm, Tuesday 1st March
Exhibition:  1st–5th March, Project Space

Sometimes life can feel a little dull; the colour has faded, the spark has gone. Well here at Surface Living the magic returns—or your money back. These artists intend to transform our Project Space into a glamorous advertisement for a utopian living option. Enjoy the glossy visuals, a range of fictional health and beauty products, a cocktail bar--with waiters. Fabulous lifestyles at your fingertips but somehow just out of reach. Enjoy Surface Living.

Week Two
The World Reillustrated/Reconstructed
Samantha Jade Mallabone & Trixy Griffiths
Opening Night:  6-8pm, Tuesday 8th March
Exhibition: 8th-12th March, Main Gallery

Working with staged text and sculpture, Mallabone and Griffiths address the mesmerising occurrence of association in the human psyche, processing the rudimentary structure of the physical alongside the compositional constructs of language. The collaboration between these artists is informed by the idea that “art has much in common with magic...obscure, hermetic practices, engaged in a search for revelation, meaning and truth. Both rely on a return to self, a sometimes inexplicable compulsion and disciple, and studious engagement with the visible and invisible.”

Magick LTD
Reece Straw & Aaron Clixby
Opening night: 6-8pm, Tuesday 8th March
Exhibition:  8th-12th March, Project Space

Magick Ltd will be moving their headquarters to our Project Space. This agency practices Chaos Magick, providing a unique and hybridised service that mixes elements of PR, self-help, marketing and lifestyle coaching. Interrogating the world of art and commerce, these artists will take up residence in their office throughout the exhibition, performing and creating work, and inviting the audience to participate as customers.

Artist Talks:
Talks form each of the groups involved in this year's NTU Festival will be held on Saturday the 12th March between 5pm and 7pm

Exhibition Opening Hours:
Opening nights: 6-8pm
Tuesday to Friday: 12.00pm to 6pm
Saturday: 11.00am to 5pm
16, Southwell Road

Free Entry: All Are Welcome

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