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Under the Bed Art

Under the Bed Art Exhibition
16th January – 23rd January
Opening Night: Friday 15th January, 18:00-21:00

Surface Gallery is delighted to welcome the Under the Bed Art Exhibition.

“Under the Bed Art” is literally the artwork that people – anywhere and everywhere – create but which ends up collecting dust in the corners of the room or under their beds.  Taking this concept of art created by anyone for any reason, in particular for personal pleasure, the curators of this exhibition want to provide a platform for a broad community of practitioners, including professional artists, students, hobbyists, and doodlers. This generous forum enables a variety of makers to present their talent and their love of artistic expression in an open and unpremeditated environment.

The Under the Bed Art Exhibition provides an opportunity and space to showcase artwork that might otherwise remain hidden, and hopes to breakdown those barriers that can make the art community seem distant and inaccessible. Artists are free to follow whatever drives their creativity; whether the work is dedicated to craft or technique, or built on a foundation of intertwining concepts, all is welcome. What unites the work on display is the unique personal enjoyment of the artists themselves. So dust off your Under the Bed Art and always continue loving art made for art’s sake.

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