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Summer Cinema: Saturday main screenings

Our project space will turn into a cinema. Cosy up on a cushion, enjoy the popcorn and let us tell you wonderful stories.

We will be showing some of the best selected work on Friday for a sneak preview screening. Then on Saturday we offer you a choice of three different screenings at 1pm, 3pm and 5.30pm.


Infinite by Ben Hurst

Year 2033. Earth's atmosphere has turned toxic. After a long struggle with the new world, less than 3% of humanity still exists. Safe zones and shelters were built to provide refuge and produce oxygen for the wealthiest. One man, using selected shelters, travels towards what he believes to be a safe zone.


Dying light by Chris Andrews

Dying light is a short film targeted at young people who are lost in a world with so many opportunities to take and decisions to make. Would you settle for a path that is a means to an end? or do you battle the odds and chase your dream? We follow a young man in this exact position and witness the struggle to find one’s self, in an age in which we are all struggling to define our own self-identity and wrestle with what we need and what we want in order to feel content.


Wojtek the Soldier Bear by Karolina Haluszczak

Wojtek the Soldier Bear tells the tale of a unique journey of true friendship between animal and man. A story of companionship in the dire times of WWII.


Exploring the Mind of Alexandra Mackie by Eleanor Wright and Jillian Fosten

Exploring the Mind of Alexandra Mackie' documents the experience of a young blind girls imagination, whilst travelling through Paris, paradoxically using a visual medium. Loss of sight has given Alex Mackie a unique voice, and this work, through the power of moving image and animation, restores a visual dimension to that voice.


Beyonce by Thomas Kilby

The artist daydreams himself into a celebrity icon, in this case Beyoncé, playing into a twisted karaoke scene, not only the character, but the digital environment begins to distort.


The list continues:

Pumping Flash by Laura Gabe, Automne by Kun Yu, Looking glass by Bill Newsinger, Aubade by Mauro Carrerro, Manufactured Britishness by Kristina Cranfeld, Touch me catch me by Łucja Grodzicka, Unknown Path by Daniel Wechsler, The passage by Sanja Hurem, A film by Abigail by Paul Vernon, Living/Dying by Dominic Negus, Machinic Phylum by Guli Silberstein, Mirage by Josh Crimpassson...


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