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Out Of Joint: by Perry Henley & Rebecca Burt

“A sense of ambiguity and psychological undertones is central to the work.”

Rebecca Burt.


This April, Surface Gallery welcomes Out Of Joint, an exhibition by Perry Henley and Rebecca Burt that explores storytelling narratives via visual means. Through the combination of the fictitious and factual elements of storytelling a conversation is created that integrates the work of the two artists. Novels and stories are a significant starting point to each of their work.  Influenced by science fiction writers, such as J.G. Ballard, Ray Cummings, and Tom McCarthy, both artists seek to portray  themes of time and psychological confusion.


A visit to Out of Joint, will involve the audience navigating their way through a disorientating terrain of sculpture, installation, and large-scale photographs. By blurring the boundaries of fact and fiction, Henley and Burt hope to challenge their audience’s perceptions of reality.


Henley’s work is influenced by Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity, where an object occupies two points in space simultaneously. Henley develops this idea by using animation to consider the path of a falling object in spatial terms, and narrating the block of space that the object passed through. The outcome is a collection of overlapping sculptures that question the boundaries of movement.


Burt’s work complements Henley’s through her exploration of the “sense of in-betweeness”, relating to how easily reality and fantasy become intertwined. Burt's fabrication of sections of interior reflect these influences, looking as if originated from dystopian worlds. Her narrative practice, as Burt tells us, resembles the narration of the protagonist of Tom McCarthy’s Remainder, who recreates scenes inside his head into physical existence. While the scenes created by Burt are based on fictional and often surreal events, they are also connected to “real world” events, which allow the work to hover between reality and fiction in its own precinct.


The opening night will coincide with the opening of Nicolas Sibertin-Blanc's photography exhibition: In The Moment, which will be occupying the main exhibition space at Surface Gallery. As always, there will be a donations bar, with ales provided by local brewery, Springhead.


Free Entry. Everyone Welcome.

Exhibition Opening Hours:

Opening Night: Friday 17th April 18:00-20:00.

18th April – 25th April: Tuesday to Friday: 12:00 to 18:00. Saturday: 11:00 to 17:00.