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Le Loovre: Interior Insecurity Inside

Thoughts of you, vague feelings of nostalgia, unplaced and untouched, a heart carved on a tree in some lonely wood, a message born out of frustration scrawled on a wall, a plastic jewel in a plastic crown, fireworks at midnight, salt on my lips, a carnival mask, glass tears, a daughter’s blue lips, a young girls poem written on her grave, an overdose of pink pills, a drop of blood, a heart shaped tattoo, a thorn in a woman’s breast, red finger nails, a dolls head covered in lipstick lying in the gutter, a hospital ward for the mentally ill, a woman hanging in the toilets, a daughter lying on the kitchen floor, a young girl in a body bag being carried down the stairs, a small pink penknife, a flash of light, a windup metal toy, the diary of Frida Kahlo, Santa Lucia, the moon, dark trees silhouetted against the sky, a figure at the window, a naked body in a hotel room, a female wrestler, a lesbian, a prostitute, a paper thin skull crumbling against the wall, a black sun, a staircase, a locked door, a broken window, cigarettes, cigarettes, and more cigarettes, I need my life, smudged mascara, smudged lipstick, a heart the size of a fist, beautiful losers, rapture, Joan of Arc, sad eyed lady of the lowlands, 1hour 27 minutes, the last broken heart of the un-forgiven… no style, no grace, no intellectual explanations… just vague feelings of nostalgia, unplaced and untouched, and death dancing alone through empty streets.

Feeling increasingly alienated from mainstream art I define my work in opposition to it, exploring alternatives such as, underground psychedelic art, non-Western and Fetish Art, the art of children and of the mentally ill. Dubuffet referred to this kind of work as art brut and stated:

These artists derive everything – subjects, choices of materials, etc – from their own depths, and not from the conventions of classical or fashionable art. We are witness here to a completely pure artistic operation, raw, brut and entirely reinvented in all of its phases solely by means of the artists’ own impulses. 

The paintings in this exhibition examine a range of political and cultural issues within a pseudo religious framework. Embellishing these pictures with artifacts, jewels, stickers and decals to suggest the reverential fetishism of religious iconography, I analyse fairy tales, poems, and myths that are part of the tormented psyche of our childhood. Engaging in subjects as diverse as Mexican Votive Painting and early Christian Coptic Art, the Poetic Imagery of Federico Garcia Lorca and Carol Ann Duffy, Honour Killings especially the stoning of Doa and 1930’s Crime Photos my work reproduces familiar visual signs, arranging them into new iconic pieces.
These themes are combined into an installation that features several groups of paintings, alongside, various religious and childhood objects and embellished with discarded texts, which provide clues to content and interpretation.


Peter Lumley

Later Event: April 26
Street Art Open