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NTU Festival 2014

NTU Festival 2014: The Collective Individual

26th February - 15th March 2014

For the third year running, Nottingham Trent University and Surface Gallery are working together to present a unique opportunity for Fine Art students from the University’s renowned School of Art & Design to gain professional experience as artists. The Collective Individual will see three groups of NTU Fine Art students using a critical or reflective approach to curate group exhibitions in response to the festival’s title, each interpreting and working around the concepts of collectivism and the individual in contemporary art practice.

Working with Surface Gallery, the selected students will stage and present their work in an professional contemporary art gallery environment, giving them the skills and confidence necessary to continue working as artists after university. This is an exciting time in the gallery, with Surface Gallery volunteers working side-by-side with the students in a rapid succession of experimental exhibitions presenting work that ranges from performance and video installation to sculpture, and much more in between.

The exhibitions in this year’s festival programme are:

Send in the Clowns - Billy Craigan, Ciarán Harrington & Joseph Rowley

You’re All Tork - Eleanor Coleman, Lucy Hodgkiss, Emma Lloyd & Ruth Williamson

Cretin Hop - John Fuller, Sam Hewland & Jake Kent

Send in the Clowns

Exhibition Opening: Tuesday 25th February, 6 - 8pm. All welcome.

Exhibition runs from 26th February - 1st March

Send in the Clowns is an investigation of the ultimate collective individual; the actor. An actor exists as a culmination of every character they have ever played. They are by very definition a collective individual. Send in the Clowns re-evaluates the definition of the word actor. The term actor describes each individual element of the show, performer, stage, and audience. Each actor is restricted by their role, and they must perform in collaboration and response to one another.

Every day of the exhibition will present a new act in the play, moving the narrative forward and testing the skill of the actors. Each day comes with its own set of performances and props allowing the show to take on a new role.

Act 1: Welcome to Pleasure Beach

Act 2: Match Day

Act 3: Later that Day…

Act 4: Send in the Clowns

Special Late Night Opening: To coincide with the Light Night events at Sneinton Market and across Nottingham, Send in the Clowns will be open from 12 - 9pm on Friday 28th February.

You’re All Tork

Exhibition Opening: Tuesday 4th March, 6 - 8pm. All welcome.

Exhibition runs from 5th - 8th March

Curated by Eleanor Coleman, Lucy Hodgkiss, Emma Lloyd and Ruth Williamson, You’re All Tork plays with ideas of small talk, mutual exchange and the use of language. The four artists have been collaborating for two years, establishing a strong connection with performance and developing a playful style that embraces slapstick, spontaneity and failure. Their latest collaboration sees the group extend performative gesture into the gallery exhibition space, exploring everyday dialogue within a group through the medium of video.

At the opening event on Tuesday 4th March there will be an opportunity for the audience to witness live performance that merges with the mediated image.

Cretin Hop

Exhibition Opening: Tuesday 11th March, 6 - 8pm. All welcome.

Exhibition runs from 11th - 15th March

Cretin Hop explores the dichotomy between mass markets and the handcrafted artisan object, and the relationship between dominant culture and subcultures. In the increasingly neoliberal dominant culture, collective identities are constantly being dismissed as outdated and oppressive. Cretin Hop seeks to explore the ways that individuals and groups establish an identity in their relationship to the world. John Fuller, Sam Hewland & Jake Kent have varied artistic practices but share common ground in their heavy preoccupation with sculpture. In the lead up to Cretin Hop they have been working closely together to develop works and co-curate the last installment of The Collective Individual.

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