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Review: Street Art Open, from LeftLion

"There is certainly a range of talent and styles in an exhibition like this. Some are highly creative or incredibly detailed; others suggest the bizarre and fantastical. Even if you are not overly into art, with the range of work in this exhibition there is likely to be something that will appeal...”

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Review: With and Without, Lisa Selby

"There is a calm, subdued air to this exhibition; the sense of space and stillness hits you as you enter into the gallery from the busy street outside...”

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Review: International Open Show 2012, from LeftLion

"Celebrating ten years of shows, the curators at this International Open Show have presented a vast range of work and suggest a melting-pot that brings both a mish-mash of media and morals. However the combined effect of these seventeen particular pieces highlight what Surface does best; making your brain cells sigh and shudder to attention.”

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Coming Soon

Street Art Open 2014

April 26th - May 17th 2014

Graffiti / Alternative / Illustration / Paste‐Up / Graphics / Yarn bombing / Sticker tagging / Print / Etc.
The Street Art Open celebrates and supports Nottingham’s thriving alternative art scene by showcasing some of today’s best local, national and international street art.


Previous Exhibitions


March 29th - April 12th 2014

‘Emerge’ celebrates the creative practices of Surface Gallery’s volunteers, who will ‘Emerge’ from the office basement.

Eleven volunteers will participate in Emerge, displaying artworks ranging from upcycled furniture, surreal painting and cyanotypes to stop-motion animation, handmade prints, photography and crochet. Visitors will have the opportunity to see traditional forms of art making as well as contemporary practice and design.