Surface Gallery

NTU FESTIVAL 2013 The Coming Community

February 12th to March 2nd 2013

The Coming Community is Surface Gallery’s second series of exhibitions in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University succeeding last year’s Beyond Belief. Made up of three week-long exhibitions The Coming Community will see NTU Fine Art students using a critical or reflective approach to curate group exhibitions in response to the festival’s title, each interpreting and working around the concept of communion and shared dialogue in contemporary art practice. 

NTU Fine Art students have been invited to submit proposals for a group exhibition at Surface Gallery, which will explore ideas related to fellowship, kinship and communion. Such ideas will examine the processes and actions of participation between artist, artwork and audience, such as the sharing or exchanging of thoughts and convictions.

Each exhibition will run for one week across February, creating an exciting and busy month for Surface Gallery as we work with the selected students giving them the opportunity to produce a proposal that establishes their practice within the title of The Coming Community and along side the practices of their peers. Surface Gallery aims to support students and emerging artists with such schemes as the NTU festival, giving them experience and creative and professional support

The exhibitions selected this year are:
Process and Produce: Promotion (Paige Ockendon & Hannah Florence Cresswell), Tuesday 12th February (Private View 6-8pm) - Saturday 16th
Rebecca Scofield/Wain Marriott, Tuesday 19th February (Private View 6-8pm) - Saturday 23rd
The Community… That Never Comes (Fanny Harle, Beth Kettel & Chris Evitts), Tuesday 26th February (Private View 6-8pm) - Saturday 2nd March.


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Street Art Open 2014

April 26th - May 17th 2014

Graffiti / Alternative / Illustration / Paste‐Up / Graphics / Yarn bombing / Sticker tagging / Print / Etc.
The Street Art Open celebrates and supports Nottingham’s thriving alternative art scene by showcasing some of today’s best local, national and international street art.