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Surface Gallery is an independent, volunteer run, contemporary art gallery based in Nottingham that exists to support the professional development of early and mid-career artists, curators and people wishing to work in the arts.

The Gallery is keen to facilitate experimental and innovative work, encouraging artists to explore new avenues in their practice.

The Gallery is constituted as a cooperative and managed by a management committee. Volunteers working at the Gallery are split into sub-committees to manage different areas of the gallery including Exhibitions, Press/Marketing, Finance, Fundraising, Education and Management.


The gallery came into being in 1999, when a group of Nottingham Trent University students founded the gallery under the name Turtle Arts.  It was housed in the basement of the NVAC building at 7 Mansfield Road Nottingham.  In September 2002 the gallery changed its name to Surface Gallery. 

Surface Gallery has worked hard to raise its profile and stabilise the organisation and has been awarded a number of small grants focusing on specific exhibitions in the gallery’s programme. Subsequently, Surface Gallery received financial assistance for a year-long pilot programme in 2006/7 through Grants for the Arts, Arts Council England, which helped in rebranding the organisation.

During November 2008, Surface Gallery moved from its old home at the NVAC centre to its current location at Southwell Road.  Over the last few years, Surface Gallery has developed the four-storey building, which now consists of a bustling office space in the basement; a bespoke gallery space on the ground floor; eight studios spaces on the first floor and a unique project space on the second floor, previously used for exhibitions, residencies and photo-shoots.

Surface Gallery is constantly evolving as an organisation, whilst working tirelessly to engage with professionals and the community.  We often need people with specific skills to assist and mentor artists and staff in the areas of information technology, business development, artistic development and finance.  No gallery experience is required, but you’ll need to demonstrate suitable skills and experience in your particular field of expertise.  If you would like to work with Surface Gallery and support the organisation, please feel free to get in touch to discuss what you can offer the Gallery.

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Coming Soon

Street Art Open 2014

April 26th - May 17th 2014

Graffiti / Alternative / Illustration / Paste‐Up / Graphics / Yarn bombing / Sticker tagging / Print / Etc.
The Street Art Open celebrates and supports Nottingham’s thriving alternative art scene by showcasing some of today’s best local, national and international street art.


Previous Exhibitions


March 29th - April 12th 2014

‘Emerge’ celebrates the creative practices of Surface Gallery’s volunteers, who will ‘Emerge’ from the office basement.

Eleven volunteers will participate in Emerge, displaying artworks ranging from upcycled furniture, surreal painting and cyanotypes to stop-motion animation, handmade prints, photography and crochet. Visitors will have the opportunity to see traditional forms of art making as well as contemporary practice and design.