It's Too Soon To Say: Painted Surface Prize Exhibition by Julian Rowe
Oct 16

It's Too Soon To Say: Painted Surface Prize Exhibition by Julian Rowe

Opening Night: 7th October, 6 – 8 PM

This October, Surface Gallery will see the return of Julian Rowe, prizewinner from Painted Surface 2015, and his solo exhibition It's Too Soon To Say. Painted Surface – a contemporary painting competition - showcased a selection of contemporary painters from Great Britain, Germany, Australia and United States of America featuring works that expanded the definition of painting.

It’s too soon to say” was Chinese premier Zhou Enlai’s famous reply when asked about the consequences of the French Revolution. Rowe's work represents his own attempt to make sense of the world through what has gone before. A series of museum-style cases incorporate assemblages of painting, objects and video, becoming cabinets of curiosities. Each case, filled with different objects, offers different meanings and ways of interpretation from Romanticism to European colonialism. This meandering examination of the past offers fiction rather than clarity. It's Too Soon To Say tackles its subject matter elliptically, while taking the viewer on a visually engaging journey of hidden narratives and puzzles.

As always there will be a donations bar with ales from local brewery, Springhead.

Free Entry: All Are Welcome