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EM18: Penumbra

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EM18: Penumbra
3rd-17th November 2018
Opening Night: 2nd November 18:00-21:00
Jenny Bramley (Derby) / Elizabeth Gray (Lincoln) / James Handley (NTU) / Shannon McFerrin (Lincoln) / Harry Martin (Westminster) /
Jess Price (Derby) / Anne Stansfield (Lincoln) / Emily Stollery (NTU)

Surface Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition for our tenth East Midlands Graduate Project, EM18: Penumbra.

Penumbra presents an eclectic mix of art that explores the grey area inherent in human nature. In a world where fact and fiction blur, and selfhood becomes a kind of illusion, how do we create? From paintings that announce their presence as an absence, to lurid growths that seep through the gallery walls, and video installation that examines our online identities, Penumbra invites you to consider the elusive space that hovers on the margins of possibility.

The East Midlands Graduate Project supports Fine Art graduates across the region as they make the transition from university to the professional art world. Penumbra is the culmination of a four-week residency undertaken in Surface Gallery’s top-floor Project Space. Eight of the region’s most exciting new graduate artists have produced original work for the exhibition. Each of the artists have built on their successes at university and developed their practice and creativity to produce pieces to attract and engage the viewer.

Artist Talk and Tour
Saturday 10th November, 12pm
An opportunity to meet and discuss the work with the artists.

Opening Night
The opening night will feature performances from Elizabeth Gray and Mrs Art, and Harry Martin. With her troupe of characters, Elizabeth pushes the boundaries of fine art, creating performances influenced by film, cabaret, and drag. Harry will create an improvised drone within his painting installation, inducing a meditative audio-visual experience.

EM18: Penumbra will open in the Main Gallery alongside Off Centre: Independent Photography Festival in the Project Space. As always, there will be a donations bar with ales from local brewery, Pheasantry.

Free Entry: Everyone Welcome

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Off Centre: Nottingham Photo Festival


Off-Centre: Nottingham Photo Festival
3rd – 10th November
Opening: 2nd November 18:00 to 21:00

Simon Bernaki / Al Brydon / Carl Bull / Grace Eden / Rhys Herbert / Emma Jayne Johnston / Rinzing Kelsang / Tom Quigley /
David Severn / Aria Shahrokhshahi

Surface Gallery is excited to be a part of Off-Centre, Nottingham’s first independent photography festival.

Off-Centre showcases the work of some of Nottingham’s most talented photographers. During this city-wide festival, Surface Gallery will play host to the work of selected artists. From the family-focused, intimate photography of Grace Eden and the vivid street photography of Rinzing Kelsang and Aria Shahrokhshahi, to Tom Quigley’s masterful portrayal of the local skate scene, the exhibition will present a diverse range of work from some of Nottingham's most accomplished photographers. Off-Centre aims to support and promote the region's rich photographic heritage, by shedding light on what Nottingham has to offer.

As part of Off-Centre, there will be a series of free talks and  workshops – visit for more information.

Off-Centre opens in the Project Space in conjunction with EM18: Penumbra in the Main Gallery. As always, there will be a donations bar with ales from local brewery Pheasantry.

Free Entry: Everyone Welcome

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